“The National Survivor Network is a tremendous resource for educators and trainers. I’ve worked with NSN members on a variety of projects and rely on their knowledge and professionalism to share not only their personal accounts, but also their perspectives on how we – law enforcement, advocates, and communities – can best respond to human trafficking. Survivor voices can bring an important perspective to all aspects of our work fighting modern slavery.”
– John Vanek, M.A., Author The Essential Abolitionist

Survivor Consultants Can Help You Be More Effective and Engaging

Survivor leaders are available to help make your services, training, curriculum or policy more effective and sustainable. The National Survivor Network is comprised of over 200 survivors of human trafficking from all over the United States. We are ready to share our expertise with your agency, through consultation, training and speaking.

Be Survivor-Informed

Make your services survivor informed by working with a consultant through the National Survivor Network.

Broad Expertise

Consultants from the National Survivor Network not only draw on their personal experience of surviving human trafficking, but the shared experience of over 200 other survivors of all forms of human trafficking.

Be Inspired

Many groups have found their energy and commitment to anti-trafficking work was renewed after working with a highly qualified survivor expert.

National Survivor Network Consultants can help your program through:









Are you a survivor?

The National Survivor Network (NSN) is open to survivors of all forms of human trafficking. To become an NSN Consultant, you must first become a member of the NSN. To become an NSN Member, please visit our Membership page to learn more about joining the National Survivor Network.