Letter to DHS to finalize T-Visa rules

The NSN joined 26 other organizations in signing onto a letter advocating for DHS to finalize the T-Visa Rule. “The Interim Final Rule contains important changes that will improve access to the T Visa, including removing the filing deadline for applicants whose trafficking occurred prior to Oct 28, 2000, clarifying exceptional circumstances for delayed adjustment of status filings, expanding the definition of Law Enforcement Agency to include State and local agencies, including the “any credible evidence” standard, and referencing confidentiality standards for human trafficking survivors. These clarifications would address many of the issues that impede access to the T Visa and should be finalized as soon as possible. In the Final Rule, we also hope to see the widely recommended inclusion of provisions that will provide for Bona Fide determinations soon after filing, so that survivors will be able to access safe work and public benefits that create stability and prevent further victimization.”

View it here: Finalize T-Visa Rule