We Name It So We Can Repair It: Rethinking Harm, Accountability, and Repair in the Anti-trafficking Sector (executive summary)

People can do good, be good, and still cause harm. Similarly, the anti-trafficking sector can engage in powerful advocacy, support many essential initiatives, provide many victims of human trafficking with essential services and support, and still cause harm– both to the recipients of their services and to the survivors who work in its initiatives. In order to stop causing this harm, we must first understand these actions and many others as harm, fully acknowledge the harm, commit to making repairs, and change our approaches.

This executive summary articulates the high-level findings of a months-long working group of experienced anti-trafficking leaders with lived experience, most of whom also mentor newer leaders and help them navigate challenging situations. It outlines kinds of harm survivors experience within the anti-trafficking sector, explains an approach to harm and repair, and offers concrete recommendations for funders, organizations, and survivors working in the sector.

View the executive summary here: We Name It So We Can Repair It