View our Sign-On Letter Advocating for a Victim-Centered National Human Trafficking Hotline

Hotlines & Tiplines are not the same. NSN Joins the Call to Preserve a Victim-Centered National Human Trafficking Hotline

HR2601 is a dangerous bill that threatens the safety, privacy, and autonomy of human trafficking survivors by engaging law enforcement without their consent. It would require the National Human Trafficking Hotline to turn over any call information to law enforcement upon request, and does not mandate survivor consent. This goes against everything confidential victim hotlines are supposed to be, and sets a dangerous precedent that could create a chilling ripple effect on other forms of hotlines. When victims cannot trust hotlines to provide safe, confidential guidance without nonconsensual sharing of their information, they simply won’t call. We cannot risk losing this essential service in the name of supporting an increased carceral response to trafficking, particularly when we have not fully invested in the kinds of public health prevention that could prevent that primary perpetration in the first place.

View our full letter here: HR2601 Hotline Bill Harms Trafficking Survivors

Read our statement from earlier this year: State Attorneys General Resist a Victim-Centered Hotline; NSN Responds

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