Learning: Policy and Advocacy

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Training/ResourceOrganizationType?Policy LevelState?Cost?Values alignment?DescriptionLink
CA - Solis Policy InstituteWomen's Foundation of CaliforniaMulti-module courseState, LocalCA0YesThe Dr. Beatriz María Solís Policy Institute (SPI) is an experiential policy advocacy training program advancing racial, economic, and gender justice throughout the state of California. Over the course of a year-long fellowship, SPI delivers tools, builds networks, and develops leadership across a dynamic cohort of leaders who are ready to shape California’s policies. This non-partisan program is run in two versions; SPI-State and SPI-Local.View
An Introduction to Policy and Analysis (Domestic Violence)VAW NETResourceFederalN/A0YesThe curriculum presents three principal themes: it challenges advocates and organizations to truly integrate battered woman's needs and perspectives into policy analysis in order to ensure woman-defined policy advocacy, it underscores that comprehensive systemic solutions to domestic violence must respond to the diverse needs of battered women, and, it demonstrates why effective policy advocacy requires thorough preparation and a collaborative approach. View
A-Z Advocacy ModelAPI-GBVResourceFederalN/A0YesThe A-Z Advocacy Model for Asian & Pacific Islander Survivors is defined by the nexus of an extraordinary inventory of evidence-informed practices in response to existing and new trends in gender-based violence and inter-and intra-API cultural and linguistic diversity. It is anchored in principles that analyze gendered and racialized cultural contexts, confront root causes, engage in systems change and cultural transformation; all the while, holding women’s equality and empowerment central to community well-being.View
Advocating for Survivor Services & Prevention with Congress: A ToolkitRalianceResourceFederalN/A0YesIt is easy to feel overwhelmed by the legislative process — our toolkit provides simple instructions on meeting with legislators, talking points, and more.View
Learn More About Human Trafficking Freedom Network / National Survivor Network / Alliance To End Slavery & Trafficking ResourceFederal0YesA landing page for a collection of resources from three anti-trafficking organizations on learning more about effective federal anti-trafficking responses and policy work View