Resources: Sample and Template Forms for Nonprofit Leadership

Following are some ideas for template and sample products/policies nonprofit professionals may find useful. Consider saving these forms, or similar forms, into a folder you share with new hires as part of their onboarding. 


Consultant Invoice Template 

Simple Nonprofit Financial Report Template: A simple nonprofit financial reporting template to provide the Board with basic information, see income and loss, and track expenditures. 

Financial Management Resources 

Financial Management Manual 

Nonprofit Sustainability Resources 


The Management Center in DC has excellent tools and templates for nonprofit organizational management and supervision. 

COVID-19 HR, Personnel, and Management Resources 

Sample Administrative Leave Policies 

Grant Writing 

Free Grant Writing Courses from Nonprofit Ready. 


Sample Staff Report to the Board of Directors: Not all of these categories will be applicable to you. Work with your supervisor to determine the specific information that needs to be in your reports. 

Program Strategic Plan Template: Helpful for both staying focused on your work and determining what to report to Board and funders. TIP: During times of transition or if multiple staff are working the plan, add an additional column to the right to track current status and/or progress made. 


Task Force Logic Model and Evaluation Worksheet: A simple form intended to help draft a logic model for a task force and track task force development through a series of stages. 

Evaluation Toolkit 

Product and Training Processes 

How to Create a Dissemination Plan (pdf of CDC webinar slides)