About Your Virtual Visa Gift Card

Hello! You opted to receive support via a virtual Visa gift card sent to your email address.

In the next few days, you should receive an email. That email will come from Vanilla Gift Cards (delivery@orders.vanillagift.com). Check your spam folder. If you haven’t received this gift card within a week of the day your card should have been sent, email Survivor Leadership. If you email in less than a week, we will not have any new information to offer.

SAVE THAT EMAIL. It will be the easiest way for you to quickly access important information, like your balance, security code, etc. For an easy tutorial on how to activate and set it up, see“> this video (though it might not allow you to assign a zip code, do not worry).

You can see Vanilla Visa Gift Card’s FAQ here.

If you’ve never used a virtual Visa gift card before, here are some tips.

  1. You can use it online just like any other credit card. You may even be able to add it to your other payment accounts, including PayPal (“>video) and Venmo (“>video). (Cashapp does not accept prepaid cards.)
  2. If you use a smartphone you can add it to your wallet, like ApplePay (“>video), Google Pay (“>video uses plastic card but the process is similar). At this time we do not believe it is supported through Samsung Pay.
  3. Many stores, like Walmart, will allow you to add the payment in the app for online shopping, but also use a method where you can pay with your phone using the app in-store, with the payment methods you already have in the app for online shopping. 

This page is meant to have help and starting points in one place, but unfortunately, NSN staff are unable to provide detailed support with any questions that you have but you can reach out directly to Vanilla Gift HelpNSN staff are happy to give you the order number associated with your card.

Thank you for your leadership, strength, and commitment to caring for yourself in both ongoing and new ways. We appreciate you, and hope your virtual visa gift card is helpful on your journey!

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