March 13, 2024

NSN Publishes 2023 Annual Report

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March 7, 2024

Recent NSN Input

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On February 1, NSN
October 4, 2023

Historic Capitol Hill Briefing by Experts with Lived Experience

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Historic Capitol Hill Briefing by Experts with Lived Experience Held as Congress Enters Critical Moment to Address Trafficking With a surge in
July 24, 2023

Hollywood and Human Trafficking

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In 2008, the movie Taken presented a riveting image of human trafficking that captivated the public imagination and brought human trafficking to the forefront of
June 1, 2023

NSN Receives Pembrook Award for Survivor Inclusion at Freedom Network Conference

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In April, the NSN was honored to show up in power
April 14, 2023

New Collaboration! We Name It So We Can Repair It: Rethinking Harm, Accountability, and Repair in the Anti-Trafficking Sector

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People can do good, be good, and still cause harm. Similarly, the
April 12, 2023

New: Survivor Storytelling Workbook

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The NSN is
February 25, 2023

New Video: Harm Reduction in Commercial Sex

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On February 20, the NSN hosted "Radical Nonjudgment in Survivor Advocacy: Harm reduction in practice." This panel addressed: - What do we mean by "radical